GMNF Global Mission Society provides financial support, outreach opportunities, discipleship and collaboration that fuels our mission


GMNF Global Mission Society,  its theological institute and church fellowship association was founded by Anton R. Williams of Kalamazoo MI and Grand Rapids MI. His energy, insights and passion for missions provides strategic guidance for our organizations. 

The leadership team reflects people of various ethnic and racial descent, cultures, primary languages, occupations and socio-economics. This broad array of backgrounds working together on the common mission brings diverse perspectives and insights

Meet the leadership team

Anton R. Williams

Founder, Global Lead

Nikita T.

Continental Lead - Europe

Lenon Judd

Continental Lead - Latin America

Clarriza Heruela

Continental Lead - Asia

Karina Macias

Northern Latin America regional and HR Lead

Andreea Otilia

Southeast Europe - Regional Lead

Akshay S.

Southwest Asia - Regional Lead

Victoria Iliamupu

Central Africa - Regional Lead

Maged Saleh

Middle East and North Africa - Regional Lead

Ana Arieu

Lecturer and Western Latin America Lead

David McCollough

North America - Theology/Biblical Studies Lead Lecturer

Steve Norman


Catherine So

Lecturer  - Missions Lead

Mclenna Dhliwayo

Africa - South Regional Lead

Benard Bassey

Central Africa Missions Lead and Lecturer

Join the team internally or as a missions partner

If you feel called to service, education or academic courses for spiritual growth in secular occupations, please let us know how we can help