Catholic Missiology

Roman Catholic Missiology

Mission outreach has been practiced in the Roman Catholic Church since its inception. The Founder of modern academic and professional Catholic Missiology is generally regarded to be Josef Schmidlin of the State University of Munster in Germany.

Another leader in the early stages of modern Catholic Missiology is Pierre Charles a teacher at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium

Catholic Missiology

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to Roman Catholic Missiology. The practice also includes

Examples of Distinctions in Catholic Missiology


Social Justice Outreach



Pierre Charles, Professor of Theology at Louvain, was instrumental in establishing Catholic Missiology as a science within Catholic theological training.


GMNF - Catholic Mission

GMNF Global Mission Society has operations to Roman Catholic Mission non-profits and churches. 

In addition to creating and cooperating on mission strategy, operation and practice in the mission field; GMNF also supports Catholic Mission organizations in their activities:

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Catholic Missiology

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is a broad Christian divinity school with faculty and students from various denominations and branches of Christianity

The masters and doctoral degree programs in intercultural studies (missiology) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is applicable and beneficial to Roman Catholic Missiology. 

within Intercultural Studies at Trinity can be implemented in Roman Catholic Missions through GMNF Global Mission Society but also in Catholic Churches and non profits worldwide.

These disciplines within missiology helps with prison, homeless, counseling, medical, social services and other Catholic ministry areas

These benefits in their fullest expression won't not be possible in schools with one denomination or branch of Christianity