Does GMNF have a doctrinal statement?

Among the breadth of beliefs of the Christian employees and personnel; GMNF is a broadly evangelical institution.

We believe:

  • Trinity - There is one God who revealed Himself in three persons as the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • Bible - The 66 books comprising the Old and New Testaments are divinely inspired, inerrant without error in the originals of spiritual truth as well as science and history

  • Church - the body of Christians who believe that Jesus is Lord and that He was crucified raised from the dead to pay for the penalty of our sins.

Does GMNF provide financial support?

We support individuals and families who are sent out by their churches or mission agencies. We also hire missionaries and personnel global to serve in a wide array of prison ministries.

How does GMNF accept financial donations and support?

GMNF is solely supported by the founder, Anton R. Williams and the Anton R Williams Living Trust. GMNF does not request nor even accept any other donations or financial support

Does GMNF provide theological education?

GMNF through its internal institute is recommending internal personnel and mission partners use material from Fuller Theological Seminary missions division and utilizing its Fuller Equip resource to provide educational resources for missions, church ministry and general spiritual growth.

Fuller Studio -

Fuller Equip -

Fuller Centers -

How does GMNF provide community for its internal missions personnel and missionary partners?

GMNF provides a forum on discourse platform to host bible studies, prayer services, missiological events as well as general spiritual formation. The discord link is here: