Does GMNF have a doctrinal statement?

Among the breadth of beliefs of the Christian employees and personnel; GMNF is a broadly evangelical institution. 

Christians worldwide are united on the faith in areas affirmed as essential to evangelicals. The following list is not comprehensive but an example of some shared beliefs of GMNF GMS that are also shared by Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Churches and Protestant Churches:

Bible as God's Word Canon of 66 books Trinity

Nature/Essence of God Christ's deity/humanity Christ's sinlessness

Christ atoning death Christ bodily resurrection Christ bodily ascension

Depravity of humanity Salvation by grace of God through faith unto good works

Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church and Protestant Churches are united in their belief in the early confessionals and creeds:

More specific GMNF beliefs:

Roman Catholic


Mainline Protestant

Evangelical Protestant

Does GMNF provide financial support?

We support individuals and families who are sent out by their churches or mission agencies. We also hire missionaries and personnel global to serve in a wide array of prison ministries. 

How does GMNF accept financial donations and support?

GMNF  is solely supported by the founder, Anton R. Williams and the Anton R Williams Living Trust, Anton R Williams Foundation of Grand Rapids MI and Anton R Williams Holding Co of Kalamazoo. GMNF does not request nor even accept any other donations or financial support

Does GMNF provide theological education?

GMNF Global Mission Society recommends pastoral staff, lay persons, internal personnel and mission partners use material from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and/or Dallas Theological Seminary

How does GMNF provide community for its internal missions personnel and missionary partners?

GMNF provides a forum on discourse platform to host bible studies, prayer services, missiological events as well as general spiritual formation. The discord link is here: