Education at Dallas Theological Seminary

By Anton Williams, Founder

GMNF recommends Dallas Theological Seminary for theological equipping


Currently, DTS is the largest multi-national seminary in the world. Dallas has a history of faithful expositors of the bible.

DTS is committed to biblical exposition of all 66 books of the bible from the perspective of inerrancy

DTS is the leading center for pre-tribulational and pre-millennial dispensationalism. (View of Jesus Christ return to earth before the Tribulation to rapture the church and return afterwards to set up a reign which last 1,000 years.)

DTS is committed to evangelism (a focus on global Jewish and Gentile )

DTS is the publisher of Bibliotheca Sacra since 1934. Bibliotheca origins began in the 1800s and it is the oldest continually published theological journal in the United States

DTS has produced more influential pastors since its inception that any other seminary in the world

Some of the faithful expositional scholars who served as professors of Dallas Theological Seminary include but are not limited to: