About Us

A Brief History

The GMNF Global Mission Society was founded by Anton R Williams in November 2022. The Society includes GMNF mission agency, teaching institute and church fellowship association. The intial entity, Global Missions Network Foundation, was founded by Anton R. Williams in 2018. 

Seeing a need for additional missionaries to serve globally, Anton created this organization to provide financially support, collaboration and training to fulfill this need.

Where We Are Today

Today, GMNF as a global general missions organization has grown to now provide financial support, outreach and discipleship opportunities to over 25,000 missionary and mission personnel.

Missions in the 19th century used to comprise of operations from the west (U.S and Europe) to the rest of the world

In the 21st century, missions is from everywhere to everywhere. Global Missions Network Foundation is uniquely positioned for missiological operations in the 21st century with internal personnel and partners on various continents who travel from everywhere to everywhere.