Authorship of the Book of Daniel

By Anton Williams, Founder

Comparison on views of the authorship and date of composition of the book of Daniel

Comparing both the conservative view and the liberal view in regards to the authorship of the book of Daniel based on OBJECTIVE/EXTERNAL (INDEPENDENT) evidence; the liberal view loses every time. To the result that the theory of a anonymous author writing the book in the second century bce is demonstrably falsified by objective evidence. Conversely, the conservative view is confirmed as true reality.

From a methodological perspective in order to refute these conclusions,  it is not sufficient for a critic/disputer to merely disagree with the evidence. There must be shown to have OBJECTIVE/EXTERNAL evidence to the contrary

Ezekiel's use of the book of Daniel in 588BCE

The prophet Ezekiel refers to Daniel the prophet several times. Instead of just referring to a book of Daniel; he does something better when he quotes the book itself.

Daniel wrote down revelation as soon as he received it. (Daniel 7:1-3) Some parts of the book of Daniel were written by 588 BCE. (Daniel 2 and Daniel 4) Other parts were written by Daniel throughout his life concluding about 530 BCE.

The implication of Daniel writing his book in the 6th century BCE

Daniel's authorship of his book was denied (never disproven on objective/external evidence) because it contains prophecies which describe events centuries after Daniel lived. Since people don't have the ability to describe specific events of specific nations that will occur centuries later, the critics deny (never refute on objective evidence) that Daniel wrote his book.

Daniel's ability to disclose future events should instead by recognized for what it claims to be; a revelation from God Himself. Objective/external evidence shows Daniel wrote his book in the 6th century BCE which it claims. The implication is that there is a God who is creator of the universe to whom people are under His ultimate authority.