GMNF: DTS & TEDS Support

Theological Equipping

GMNF Global Mission Society is providing support for both Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as well as Dallas Theological Seminary

*It is possible to attend both schools for different degrees that will equip a person to live out God's will in their lives regardless of stage of Christian spiritual growth or vocation (Lead Pastor, Associate Pastor, Worship Arts Pastor, Large/Small Group Leader, Missionary, Mission Personnel, Counselor, Secular roles, Secondary School teacher, etc)

*Attending both could be fulfilled as an example: MA from DTS and PhD from TEDS or vice versa. A MAICS from TEDS and DMIN from DTS

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Dallas Theological Seminary are both renowned theological institutions. While there are similarities between the institutions (Henry Center at TEDS is roughly equivalent with the Hendricks Center at DTS, There are unique distinctive aspects of both schools for anyone wanting to pursue theological education at one or both

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)

Dallas Theological Seminary  (DTS)