Education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)

By Anton Williams, Founder

GMNF Funding for seminary education through TEDS

GMNF is providing scholarships to cover the cost of seminary education through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for its members for certificates (masters level courses that can be used for masters degrees), masters and doctoral programs

Trinity is one of the world's leading theological seminaries and its has been faithful in its doctrinal orthodoxy. The same esteem for biblical authority and inerrancy permeates the school. The impact of TEDS can be seen in many ways. 

Trinity's leadership in academic global Christianity and evangelicalism can be seen through organizations like the Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Mission Society. The Evangelical Theological Society is the largest academic society for evangelicals schools in the fields of biblical studies and theology. Its a broad evangelical organization so many Christian schools (also churches and non profit organizations) are represented. This includes the largest and most esteemed ones like Dallas Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, Moody Bible Institute, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Liberty University, Fuller Theological Seminary, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and others. 

Nearly 1/3 (31%) of the Presidents have taught at Trinity at some point in their careers since TEDS was founded in 1963-1964. The listing is below. Second is Dallas Theological Seminary  18% and Wheaton is third with 8 faculty (14%) elected as President of the ETS since 1963-64. Most of the 270 or so ATS schools have not had a faculty member who was elected by peers to serve as President of the Evangelical Theological Society. Within an organization like the ETS when many Christian seminaries are presented (especially the largest and most renowned schools), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is most influential. 

These are examples of the grace of God demonstrated through the school as a factor within Christianity:

Trinity's impact on churches, seminaries and non profit orgs globally through biblical inerrancy

These are examples of the grace of God demonstrated through the school as a factor within Christianity:

Trinity faculty had a immense impact on the growth and expression of conservative inerrancy


Trinity faculty played a leading role in the International Council of Biblical Inerrancy

Papers presented at the ICBI were complied in a book entitled "Inerrancy" that was edited by Norman Geisler. 

Many Christian Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, Churches and Non-Profit organizations included direct or indirect references to biblical inerrancy as part of their statement of faith

Influence of TEDS in global evangelicalism and Christianity is seen in the service of the role of leading evangelical organizations like the Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Missiological Society

Some of the world's most influential theologians taught at Trinity

Some examples of notable theologians and missiologist who have taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) includes Carl F. H Henry, Kenneth Kantzer, John Stott and David Hesselgrave among others. These are  a few of the examples of the scholars who were considered top in their disciplines and taught at TEDS.

Carl F. H Henry 

Kenneth S. Kantzer 

John Stott 

John Gerstner 

David Hesselgrave