(Formerly Global Missions Network Foundation)

General missions organization for global outreach and spiritual formation to provide support and operations for over 25,000 internal mission personnel and mission partners in 200 countries from over 110 denominations:

Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Mainline Protestants and Evangelicals of  many denominations (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc) all united under the central doctrines of Christianity including UNLIMITED INERRANCY (NO ERROR IN THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE IN MATTERS OF SCIENCE AND HISTORY IN ADDITION TO SPIRITUAL MATTERS)


Missionary Outreach, Church Planting and discipleship

We assist over 25,000 internal missionaries and missionary partners with outreach opportunities, church planting and discipleship

GMNF and it's Institute has 4 core function areas:

GMNF General Missions

GMNF is a general missions organization with activities in the following areas:

GMNF Connectivity and Collaboration

GMNF has a host server to connect internal missionaries and personel globally with mission partners to connect digitally for prayer service, bible studies, fellowship and sharing resources. 

GMNF Discord Discussion Board link below:

 GMNF Global Mission Society is a unique in its approach to ecumenicalism. While the organization has members from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Mainline and Evangelical Protestant denominations; the operations, teachings and support is given from an evangelical perspective.

At GMNF GMS, Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant believers are all united around the essentials of the faith that all churches agree which include but isn't limited to: Existence of God, Jesus' Deity and Humanity, Trinity, Depravity of Man, Bodily death of Christ, Atonement of Christ, Ascension of Christ, Justification by faith, Salvation by Grace through faith

At GMNF GMS, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christians are united in their belief in the early confessionals and creeds:

At GMNF GMS, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christians are united on the 5 Solas

Roman Catholic


Mainline Protestant

Evangelical Protestant