Science on authenticity, reliability and divine source of the Bible

Various disciplines within science have demonstrated the reliability, accuracy and divine origin of the bible

  • Science of Archaeology:

    • Demonstrating the historical reality of the events recorded in the bible. Over 25,000 archaeological artifacts pertaining to people, places, and events in the Bible. All confirm the history in the bible from beginning to end. We have pieces of the events themselves which occurred on this earth with us today.

  • Science of Textual Criticism

    • Comparisons of biblical manuscripts from 1400s CE to the 200s-100s BCE demonstrates 99% accurate transmission of the text of scripture. The text we have today are the same as always has existed

  • Science of Probability

    • Bible recording prophecies of events (over 40 of them) that were precisely fulfilled in their contemporary era and centuries later demonstrates the exist of God (origin of prophecies) due to science of probability showing 1 in 10^57 likelihood of occurring by chance. Probability demonstrates chance isn't the source of their fulfillment but an all knowing, all powerful God:

      • omniscience of God (knowing events to occur centuries before they do which transcend human ability),

      • power/ability of God (in orchestrating circumstances on this earth to bring events to fulfillment),

      • the divinity of Jesus Christ (who had events prophesied about him that demonstrated his divinity; centuries before they occurred)