Existence of God:

21st century evidence for God's existence and relevance for today

Anton Williams, Founder

21st Century Evidence for the existence of God


  • Science (Cosmology) has established that Einstein's General Relativity as one of the better tested theories

    • Essentially, all the time,space, matter and energy in the universe had a simultaneous beginning.

    • Any combination of 1, 2 or 3 of these against the other cannot be the causal agent for any 1, 2 or 3 as they cannot create the other ones. In other words, time cannot create matter, space and energy. Vice versa. Neither can matter or space create time and energy. This is true for any and all combinations of 1 or 1,2,3 of these against the others.

  • The Causality Laws in Physics demand a causal agent (creator) of the universe which transcends time, space, matter and energy. That's the only way to have the universe come into existence with all of these elements at one finite moment.

    • The Causal Agent must transcend time (be eternal), transcend space (be everywhere presently), transcend matter (immaterial, a spirit) and transcend energy (source of all energy; has all "all power" )

    • Casual Agent fits the definition of God as creator. A spirit, who is eternal, source of all energy and is everywhere presently.

  • The Causality Laws would not indicate that the causal agent (God) has a cause since the agent is the causer of the effects. It is the effects which have the causes. The causal agent would have to be the "uncaused" cause.

Existence of Heaven as shown by science (cosmology)

As the implications of causality laws in physics on General Relativity demand that the universe has a creator who is the causal agent (God).

The causal agent transcends time, space, matter and energy (which is what the agent created) there must be a space/place where the causal agent is and the universe is not

  • The place/space where the causal agent is and the universe is not (as the agent transcends the universe) is the very definition of the abode of the causal agent (home of God, a/k/a heaven)

God as creator in OT

  • Genesis 1:1 describes the creation of the Universe out of nothing by God which is consistent with evidence from cosmology. Demonstrates the creator is the source of the book as this was unknown in 1500 BCE when it was written

  • Genesis chapters 1- the order of development of the universe matches science: Universe then earth, land, plants, animals , people. Only the creator (God) would have known this when the text was written. Indicates not only God exists but is the source of the text.

  • Psalm 19:1 The heavens declares the glory of God.

God as creator in the NT

Romans 1:19-21

    • The invisible attributes of God are evident; being understood by the things which are made. His eternal power and Godhead. So people are without excuse.

Why does it matter if God exists - (in part) because of the judgment

  • God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness. (Acts 17:31)

As the centuries have passed and technology has increase some proof of the existence God have remained the same as it was in the days of the composition of the Bible. The existence of the universe demand the existence of God who is an eternal spirit who created and currently sustains it. The detailed accuracy and foreknowledge in the bible demonstrate its ultimate author as the source of the contents is God, the creator of the universe.